Update From Terry

Dear Members,

I’m taking this time to inform everyone of some upcoming events and changes that are going on. In order to help keep everyone informed, we have made a few changes to the KGFA web page.  We are adding new content all the time.  You will be able to keep up on all things happening at the club by checking the blog page and calendar. I hope to add some informational videos and other content onto the page in the near future.  Stay tuned. 


As many may have noticed, some work along the lake side of the rifle range has started.  This work is to accommodate a safety wall that will be erected between the range and the lakes.  Most of this work and others are being performed for minimal expenses thanks to the hard work and resources of Scott Sizemore.  We have installed a large blue barrel to collect spent brass.  Once full, this barrel will be recycled, and the proceeds will be used for range improvements.  Please make sure you clean up all spent brass and place it in the blue barrel.  Lately some members have been leaving the range a mess.  Please remember it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself.  The garbage can will be removed, until we can work out a way that the garbage can be emptied on a regular basis.  As it is now the garbage can fills up and no one is emptying it. So, please, whatever you bring to the range, take it back home with you. We will be having a workday to clean up and spruce up the range.  I would like to add a coat of paint and improve the seating for the benches. We will announce a date for the cleanup shortly.  Please keep an eye on the calendar.  Remember many hands make light work. In addition, I have been working on ways to bring electricity to the range.  By bringing electricity to the range, we hope to improve safety by replacing the Cease-Fire sign with lights.  I will try to keep everyone informed of my progress in this endeavor.


Our lake chair, John Hoffman, has been working diligently to improve the quality of the lakes and fishing.  We have approved the purchase of extra fish for the upper and lower lakes. Several members have been taking small Bluegills and Bass from the lower lakes and putting them in the casting pond in hopes of improving the fishing there, John has arranged for a small number of bluegills to be added to the casting pond. We will be adding 300 lb of adult catfish to the lower lakes. All Catfish will be catch and release until further notice.


New trap callers have been installed on Trap 2. The new BRB callers do not need an external receiver.  These callers are rechargeable and are very sturdy.  Instructions for their use are at the trap desk.  Both Trap 1 and Trap 2 are in good working condition. I have ordered parts for trap three and hope to have all repairs done by the 25th of June. As part of this repair, I will be moving the old wireless callers that were on Trap 2 to Trap 3.  That will replace all of the old, wired callers.


As we go through the year, I want club members to know that the club is on good financial ground.  I continue to keep my eye on the cost of goods, services, and utilities.  I receive regular updates on the cost of clay birds and other products.  Since we raised the price on targets two years ago, we have remained ahead of raising costs.

On June 21st, the club officers will meet with all department chairs two hours before the scheduled club meeting. We will be having our first budget and planning meeting.  We will be looking at what our needs are and what we can do to continue making improvements in a fiscally responsible way.

Other News

The club voted at the meeting on May 3 to lease out the club to a local business for three days. For this purpose, the club will be closed to all members on July 13 through the 15th from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. We ask that all members refrain from trying to use the club during this time.  Closed signs will be posted on the gate and entry will be limited to only those that volunteer to work those dates.  If you have questions or concerns about this closure, I will be happy to address them in due course.

I want to thank everyone for all that they have done and I’ll continue to pray for all our members and their families. May God bless everyone.

Sincerely Yours,

Terry Kloentrup, Treasurer

Kenton Game & Fish Association